Who is eligible to participate in Pleiades® Activation Programs?

What is Individual Transformation?

Individual Transformation means the transformation of root causes of certain disorders. For example, a condition such as herniated disc should not only be referred to as herniated disc. Many emotional, mental and even psychological causes are hidden in the development of this condition.

If only the discomfort that is noticed in your body is taken as a result, it will be possible to go down to the causes of this discomfort.

It is known that the reasons such as taking responsibility of life and taking over responsibility are caused by this kind of problems. However, many different reasons are likely to arise under these reasons.

For example, many beliefs, such as why responsibility should be taken, may be based on rooted beliefs derived from childhood, or a previous trauma may have caused it. In some cases there is only one reason, while in some cases there may be more than one reason. Therefore, the same reasons are not valid for the individual with hernia.

Another example is the problems that occur in our relationships or marriages. Although these problems are perceived primarily as outside, they can be based on the underlying beliefs in our unconscious, emotional blockages arising from previous experiences or shocks. Problems of trust and doubt, fear of cheating etc. The reasons for such problems will be different in each individual.

It is possible to give examples from our daily life in all areas. But the basic point we need to understand from the examples is that there are mental, emotional and psychological reasons for many things that we call disease.

A disease seen on the surface is not the main cause, it is only a result.

The elimination of the disease as a result of the surface does not mean the elimination of the cause of the disease. As long as the root does not change and there is no awareness on the cause, our body will be affected by different diseases.

The place to focus is not the body, but the consciousness. The main source of all the problems is that the consciousness is blocked in one way or another, and its connection with the body breaks at one point. When the consciousness is suppressed by emotional, psycologic and mental pressures, the general balance of the nervous system is impaired, and the result is discomfort or illness.

The reason for all these reasons is the radical transformation and the expansion of awareness is called the “INDIVIDUAL TRANSFORMATION”.

Individual transformation means the transformation and renewal of every aspect of our being from the dimension of consciousness to the size of the body, not the surface.

The whole transformation process is made possible by opening our awareness and cognition skills..

Dependencies, fears, obsessions, relationship problems, family and social problems, stress, such as the factors that are blocked, in cases where “CONSCIOUSNESS” is blocked our body and internal and external balance leads to loss and discomfort occurs.

A consciousness that is whole and serene in itself brings a quality and balanced life.

The Pleiades® Activation and Adaptation Programs are also “INDIVIDUAL TRANSFORMATION” programs. Whatever your illness, your presence is deeply transformed. As we have explained before, each individual’s illness has one or more reasons. The process required for these reasons to reach awareness varies from individual to individual.

Since the Pleiades® System is not superficial and disease-oriented, such as bioenergy and its derivatives, it is a system that demands more comprehensive and guidance as it is effective on the causes of diseases.

Since bioenergy and its derivatives are used in diagnosis and treatment methods, they do not use the universal integrity law, but personal information and techniques. Therefore the root causes cannot be solved in superficial studies, there is no holistic study. However, improvements may occur.

The key to knowing before participating in the Activation Programs is to start a well-established study not only on disease and discomfort but also on the causes.

“INDIVIDUAL TRANSFORMATION” is also a journey of self-discovery, recognition and balancing.

It is a journey of discovery that deeply transforms all of your life. In this journey of discovery you can find the opportunity to know yourself, your mind, your feelings and create your own way.

Instead of fighting diseases, you can go down to the source to expand your awareness and open the way to becoming a master of yourself..

If you say “YES” to the individual transformation, “Activation and Integration Programs” are available to you.

The Pleiades® Healing System Activation Programs are supported by permanent guidance services. You can receive guidance as long as you wish in your integration process. Clarifying your intentions before participating in the programs is an important step for you to make the most of the program.

Since activation and integration programs will be activated on the body’s nervous system and endocrine glands, your body will enter the process of self-balancing. However, the beginning of spiritual and mental transformations will follow the process.

In all of these processes, the diseases enter into a transformation with the reasons and the solution takes place.