The Pleiades® Healing System is a system that was discovered by Şeref Tolga Kuralay in 2012, providing the world with a wide angle of healing frequencies and operating without hand touch, providing a general balancing and healing of human presence in each level and layer through these new frequencies.

The difference from all known healing techniques is that it is a system that works with universal intelligence without the need for diagnosis and treatment without any technique, ritual and knowledge.

In this system, a study is not carried out on certain diseases, instead the study is done on the client.

The Pleiades® Healing System works well beyond the usual techniques of “energy” healing.

We use a transformation, regeneration, and frequency (knowledge) carrying spectrum that goes beyond techniques and patterns.

By integration with the original balance of the universe, we discover the potential of our existence.

The Pleiades® Healing System reconnects us with every level of our existence. With this connection, the restructuring process starts at every level of our existence. Every person has a different and unique path. This is called integration process.

Healing techniques and rules ”had to be read, learned, memorized” and steps, patterns, rules and prescriptions “should be fully implemented.

However, when our connection with the big picture is established, we can access all of this immediately. How empowering and liberating!

According to research, this system shows that it covers and exceeds all known healing frequencies such as Reiki, Johrei, Qi Gong, Reconnection.

It also frees us from technique, fear-based rituals and method memorization.

The reason for this level of healing is because we are reuniting ourselves and the people who come to us.

This reunification leads us to our original integrity, to our connection to the universe, to our unity with everything and to allow healing.

Contrary to common belief, healing is not the elimination of malfunctions, healing is a state of balance. If it were, it would be defined as treatment or therapy.

When we bring the balance, the symptoms do not disappear because they no longer serve the purpose, because the cause of the disease is no longer present. This is the basis of the true healing.

The techniques are actually rituals that will bring you to a certain state. But as many of you especially notice, the technique prevents you from accessing the essential situation.

It’s like the training wheels that are fitted to the bikes. The aim is to teach you how to ride a bike. But unless you lift those wheels, you can’t skillfully ride a bike and enjoy your experience.

The Pleiades® Healing System takes you beyond technique into a way of being. Now you are this healing energy and it is you. You have nothing but trembling with him. As soon as you draw your attention, it starts to flow from you.