The Difference Between Individual Session and Activation Session


Pleiades® individual sessions are organized by instructors and practitioners published in the Turkey Pleiades® Official Website.

Individual sessions are applied in order to benefit the individuals with general problems in their lives and to balance the quality of life in physical, psychological, emotional and mental levels. At the same time, the body energy meridian system is balanced and regeneration takes place.


Pleiades® Integration and Activation sessions are special programs that are implemented only within the Practitioner Training Programs, which are regulated by approved 3A Master Trainers registered on the Pleiades® Türkiye offical website.

Adaptation and Integration sessions are performed after two consecutive individual sessions. After the individual sessions, the Activation and Integration session initiates the process of opening the CONSCIOUSNESS level by creating new connections to the body’s own vibrational field as well as to the energy lines of the universe.

Progress in levels of Individual Transformation and Spiritual Understanding is observed. The process of initiating the activation session is called the Integration process. During this process, the guidance is continued by the Pleiades® Master Instructor and the experience processes are followed.

Activation and Integration sessions allow the connection of the body energy meridian system to the universal field with new connections; Individual session programs allow the participant to balance in his / her own plane.

Individual sessions are for healing and balancing purposes only. In contrast, activation and integration sessions beyond the healing of the individual’s spiritual development and consciousness capacity increase.

Pleiades® Level 1 and Level 2 professional practitioners are authorized to perform individual sessions only. The Pleiades® Professional 3A Master Trainers can also organize individual sessions as well as activation and integration sessions, and can train 1st and 2nd level practitioners.