Post-Activation Transformation Experiences

1. Feeling of physical aches and pains. Especially in the heart, back, waist and neck regions. This is caused by the change of the magnetic field of the body due to the onset of cellular regeneration at all levels. This situation is temporary.

2. A deep sadness for no reason. This is one of the most common feedback. These are symptoms of the beginning to solve of the emotional accumulation of past memories. It is a condition that the body, accustomed to carrying these feelings, is now releasing these feelings. When you move into a new home, it’s like you’re longing for the house you live in. But it is temporary in this feeling.

3.Crying without reason. This is the continuation of the above symptom. It is the removal of emotional blockages from the body.

4. Sudden changes in your professional life. Emotional dependence and resolving your blockages will cause you to change in the dimension of consciousness. This is the process of renewing your life and discovering new professions suitable for your own nature.

If you have chosen your profession because of a fear or addiction, you will begin to discover your new way of life because these feelings are resolved.

5. Feeling of weakening family bond. Because of your emotional transformation, your old addictions begin to disappear, and your addictions to your family and environment are solved, as if you are experiencing the feelings of being disconnected from them.

However, at the end of this process, you will start to create stricter and new bonds that are not based on dependence. In fact, the feeling of breaking is not against your family and your environment, but against your addictions. However, you experience the feeling that you are moving away from your surroundings.

6. Disturbances in sleep patterns may occur. This is because the body is awakened in the process of restructuring. At night you may suddenly wake up around 3 or 5 am and not sleep again.

Your renewed body establishes the hormonal balance. It is time for our body, which we have used mentally before, to reprogram itself according to its own intelligence. This process is also temporary.

When you wake up, you can do something else instead of worrying about it.

7. Changes in dreams. These dreams may include scenarios such as chasing by creatures, wars, doomsday. This is the revealing of the subconscious codes loaded into our mind so far. Subconscious reveals itself in this way.

It is our manifestation of our fears that are hidden in our subconscious cellar with the abandonment of old emotional energy patterns. This process is also temporary.

8. Fatigue and feeling of emptiness are the most common feedback. This is because our consciousness is beginning to expand and our body lags behind.

We may feel like we are in space or between two worlds. This is also normal because our consciousness is accelerating faster than our body during the integration process.

Our body may feel tired during the restructuring process. In these cases, the most useful thing is to leave ourselves to nature and spend time in nature.

9. Increased feeling of loneliness. You can feel a sense of loneliness and even among other people. You may want to escape from the crowd. This is one of the most common feedback.

Since your communication with your surroundings has been directly proportional to your level of consciousness, the same conversations may not give you pleasure as your consciousness grows. Desire to stay alone increases. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to unlock the potential of your consciousness. Now your life and environment are in the process of being renewed.

10. Loss of joy and enthusiasm. You may feel completely reluctant, unwilling and cheerless. This is like leaving the same computer to rest after working too much. Your energy is withdrawn and entered into the structuring process in the beginning of the balance of consciousness and body. This situation is also temporary.

Apart from the above-mentioned symptoms, there are many feedbacks that are experienced physically, spiritually and vary according to each human profile.

However, we will not address them because they are not directly proportional to each other’s own lifestyles and past experiences. Because they are special experiences and do not require.

On the other hand, we find it useful to put the symptoms mentioned above into the general symptoms class. At least if you know that your experience is the cause of your chance to help yourself in this process will increase.