Pleiades® Feedback During Individual Session

It is involuntary physical, physiological, mental or emotional response to Pleiades® frequencies.

These records vary according to the profile structure of the individual experiencing each Pleiades® session.

There is no record we expect to happen. Each individual may have different manifestations or none. Some of the common registration symptoms are as follows.

1.Rapid eye movements;

Rapid eye movements, which are usually the first sign of record, present an astonishing dilemma, because although the individual is experiencing an unbelievable serenity, it is not even close to being calm. This seems to be the dream of a person who is sleeping in appearance. However, the condition of a person experiencing Pleiades® sessions is different, the reason is different because the patient is not asleep. The rapid eye movements associated with the Pleiades® frequencies manifest themselves in several distinct ways. Sometimes the eyelids flicker. Sometimes fast sometimes slow and sometimes not at all. While all this happens, the client is aware of the situation.

2. Respiratory changes;

Respiratory changes are one of the first signs of symptoms that occur at the same time or immediately after eye records. This feedback can reveal itself in several ways. A rapid, deep, irregular breathing or breathing from the edge of the mouth and deep snoring are among these responses. However, it is different from the known form, the client is awake and aware of the sound.

All these breathing changes have one thing in common, which means being one, unity and happiness. People stated that they were neither awake nor asleep while they were in a more real place. These changes in consciousness and respiration are explained by experienced individuals.

3. Swallowing

The third is the first sign of symptoms. An increase is seen in the person’s swallowing. Sometimes it continues throughout the session; usually observed in the first stage of the session. A very common sign of recording. The session appears a few minutes after starting, but is less frequent than rapid eye movements and respiratory recordings.

4. Tears

Suddenly emerging tears are a fascinating record. Without any heralds of sight, tears accumulate in the eyes of the person, overflows, and the client’s face glides down his cheeks as he carries the expression of happiness. The tears are the reaction to the truth, to remember the truth. The truth is to understand that all of us come and return, a place we haven’t seen in a very long time. When we have the honor of contacting and interacting with the truth, the feeling of being in the nest and being there again soon will cause our feelings to rise.

5. Laugh

Sometimes the person in the session starts laughing uncontrollably. Most likely they tell us they don’t know what they’re laughing at.

6.Finger movements;

A few minutes after the beginning of the session, the finger movements are in a recording. Involuntary finger gestures can be synchronized or  not synchronized. Sometimes the fingers of both hands, sometimes the fingers of one hand can move. Sometimes fingers of both hands can move at the same time, sometimes the fingers of one hand and then the other hand play first. As the session continues, you can often observe that hands and wrists are activated. In some people, the arm may also be activated. As a variation of this situation, it is possible to show similar situations in the feet from time to time.

7. Dizziness and body movements;

Sometimes the head may slowly turn to one side or the other, or it may feel like it is being pulled. Common body movements are related to the abdomen and chest area. You can also see arms and legs jumping.

8. Stomach rumbling

People often have stomach rumbling during the sessions.