Pleiades® Activation and Integration Process

The integration is a process that enables us to restore our ability to be in the flow and now, and most importantly, our physical energy meridian system to be in the natural flow, freeing our ability to be compatible with the world and the universe, freeing the past and the future.

In this process, we work holistically on our own energy body.

How? Learning to transform our energy meridians in our system by feeling our damaged and flow obstructing feeling and transforming them with the Pleiades® system.

We learn to balance ourselves by recognizing our energy body and allowing it to transform..

The Pleiades® Activation and Integration Process accelerates our existence at every level (from Cellular to Consciousness) to the regeneration phase.

The mixed information we call the disease enters the process of regulation and we call it the process of change and transformation. Our entire existence begins to awaken at every level and free from the subconscious bondage called hypnosis.

In this case, the person who comes in contact with the universe from the root, activates his consciousness, cognition, perception and evaluation abilities. The parasympathetic nervous system becomes active again and we move on to a healthy physical, psychological and mental level.

Transition experiences work differently in every human being because the idea that each human being encodes and the world he / she creates based on this idea is different. Solution processes and experiences are therefore individual for each person.

The transformation begins in the subatomic cellular and molecular dimension and proceeds to the level of the body. This symbolizes turning journey of a caterpillar to the butterfly, and it is called AWAKENING.

The activation application is closely related to the body’s nervous system, as previously mentioned.

The reason for this is that nerve cells, neurons and receptors that surround our body are the building blocks of the nervous system. The nervous system is also in direct contact with the spinal cord, the heart and our brain.

The fact that the receptors on the communication pathways become passive or active when they should be in a passive state causes mental-psychological-physical many negative side effects.

However, the chemical activity of the inner glands also takes place within the inclusive network of our nervous system.

The control, administration, management and communication of our whole body is provided by a biochemical and electrical communication within the nervous system at the speed of light.

That is why we have a body that can fulfill many actions together.

Since the contact with “MORPHIC FIELD” is our copy during activation, our nervous system is formatted and it starts to return to its original structure.

In the meantime, how and by which neurons need to communicate with the body system, they transmits the messages to every cell, tissue, muscle and organs of our body.

At the same time, many processes begin to occur in the body. These processes lead to a balance between the activation of the autonomic nervous system and our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

In this case, involuntary muscle movements may be seen during ACTIVATION. While these movements can be observed as mild feedback in certain parts of our body, it can be seen in the whole body at once.

However, the Melatonin and DMT secretion of our pineal gland and pituitary glands, which are activated due to chemical reactions in our brain system, can be sensed and felt visions, sounds, music and odors.

Since our heart organ is the most important factor manager of our body, breathing and respiratory paths can be changed to enter balance process Besides crying and laughing can also  be observed.

Our mental structure is affected by this situation and our ideas such as fear and anxiety about the past and future can be solved by resolving our thoughts..

Contrary to what is being said, our brain can pass through rem sleep and realize many emotional disasters with effects of traumatic events at this stage.

Although our endocrine system secretes the secretory glands, no experience has been observed, but different experiences have been observed in the renewal process.

The fact that no sense or experience is experienced during the ACTIVATION is similar to the effect after taking a drug. Each individual’s body sensation and experience is different.

Therefore, the experiences during the renewal process are more important for observation than feedback during activation.

In the case of severe damage to the neuronal network of the body’s nervous system, the initial regeneration of these neurons, or in cases where the neuron is completely ineffective, the reconstruction of new neuronal networks may be in certain processes.

The observation of these neurons in a certain stage until they were active again and then the activation was noticed in the observation results.

With the restructuring of the nervous system, the individual rises to the next level. The individual enters the renewal process, the perception and the cognition change. Therefore, significant differences in quality of life, understanding and social status are observed.

Many fear, obsessions and addictions, psychological traumas are seen in the renewal process.

The reason behind our psychological and emotional addictions is addiction to the emotions that our bodily chemistry gives us.

Adrenaline, melatonin or serotonin hormones are known to be secreted after certain stress conditions.

However, the relaxing effect of these enzymes leads to the desire to experience the same experience by creating positive dependence after a while.

The continuation of all negative emotions in certain cycles causes us to add dependence on our body chemistry and to force ourselves to create the necessary conditions for the spread of that chemical.

The addiction resulting from the positive effects of chemicals released after the feelings of stress and fear is our secret dependence.

In the process of regeneration, it is inevitable that the endocrine system and brain activities will be solved by the balancing of the brain limbic system, especially the sensory part.

However, the most important issue to be aware of these processes is the issue of sincerity.

Progress in the degree of sincerity of individuals is the most important factor for these processes.

When individuals are truly honest to themselves, the mechanism of intent would be activated, so before the activation should be honest and the reasons for expectations should be questioned. We must not forget that an honest step towards transformation will liberate us.

The process of adaptation is the whole phase of our being at all levels (from Cellular Vibration to Consciousness) and being compatible with the original (Earth and Universe Vibrations) and the experiences in this phase.